Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Let Him Find Me

Snapshots is not dead! After a great brainstorming session we now have a full story plot to work with. I'm hoping this will be the first in many new scenes soon to come in Evelyn and Zach's story. Thank you for reading and following Snapshots!


She pressed the washcloth to her nose, attempting to stem the flow of blood. The sticky liquid socked the cloth and covered her hands. Her nasal cavity throbbed; burned from the frequent use of drugs the nosebleeds were becoming more frequent.

Tears coursed down her cheeks, mingling with her blood. She whipped at them, wincing as her hand brushed over her black eye evidence to her recent beating. Things were getting worse; the beatings, the nosebleeds and the blackouts. They were killing her, the drugs, and him. But what could she do? She had nothing, no one, nowhere to go. Besides, if she left, where would she get the drugs? She needed them, without them she would die – with them she would die.

The outside door slammed and a gruff voice screamed her name. “Evelyn! Where the hell are you girl!”

Evelyn pushed herself farther into the dark corner of the closest. Shaking from fear and the loss of blood, she gripped the reddened cloth tighter, holding it close to her nose and mouth, trying to muffle her breathing.

“God, don’t let him find me,” terrified she stared at the crack of light piercing through into the closet from the barley open door.

“Evelyn! I’m going to find you!”

Pressing her knees against her chest she willed her body to disappear into her hiding place. Don’t find me, please, don’t find me!

The sound of heavy footsteps, crashes of pots and pans along with streams of curses pour from outside the closet. Evelyn began to tremble; memories of past beats taunting her, giving her a picture of what was to come if he found her.

The closet door swung open, slamming against the wall and blinding Evelyn. A shadow stepped in front of her, blocking the light.

“Mike. N… no,” Evelyn stammered weakly. She held up her hands, blocking her face.
Mike grabbed her by the hair and yanked her from the closet. Throwing her to the floor he loomed over her. Evelyn whimpered helplessly, the tormenting had begun again.

Written by StoryGirl

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I Will Never Abandon You

This is my first scene for Snapshots. A result of one of those flashes of inspiration you get while doing dishes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When had things come to this? He could remember a time when he had everything, when the world was his. He swallowed, forcing down the tiny speck of saliva left in his dry throat. It was gone, he had lost everything. Job, family, friends; all the security he had once known was gone. The title wave of life had washed them away, drowning his hope and his will do keep going.

What was left to live for anyway? No one would miss him. He was alone, wondering in a black void where no light could ever shine. Even God had abandoned him.

He looked up at the popcorn ceiling. Yes, God had abandoned him. Where was He when his marriage fell about? Where was He when his rights to see his children were stripped away? Where was He when his boss had called him into his office and let him go?

He shook his fist as if shaking it towards the heavens.

“You liar! You weren’t there! You said You always would be there but You weren’t! You liar!”

Tears welled up in his eyes as he spoke. He covered his face and wept.

“Oh God, where were You?”

My son.

He looked up. There was no one in the room beside himself.

My son.

Where was that voice coming from? He stood, suddenly sensing some hidden presence.

My son, I have not lied to you. I was there, but you did not seek me.

“You weren’t there! If you were there You would have stopped it!”

I gave you free will, free will comes with consequences.

“Like hell it does!”

Who are you to decide what I do?!

He was suddenly forced to His knees. Fear grabbed at his heart and he trembled before such a presence.

“They took everything,” he whispered. “Everything.”

He shivered. It was almost like someone had wrapped their arms around him. It felt so real, but he couldn’t see anyone.

I will never abandon you.

Overcome with his grief and the presence of divine love he wept.

“Oh God. It’s gone, everything. They’ve left me. God, help me.”

I will never abandon you.

Written by StoryGirl

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zach's Struggles

Hello. My first post on this blog. Yep yep. Here's a short bit I wrote for Zach.

He became a completely different person once he closed the door to his room. The strong, careless façade he gave his parents crumbled, and his anger boiled over.

How dare she? Just because she’s my mother, doesn’t give her the right to confiscate my phone.

He took a deep breath to calm himself. Anger was one of his biggest problems. He flopped on his bed and took out his iPod, shaking his head at how forgetful his mother could be. As he scanned the list of apps, he saw nothing that looked interesting.

Almost mindlessly, he opened his web browser. His fingers hovered over the address bar, shaking slightly.

What am I doing? I know better than this. I shouldn’t be doing this.

It had been months since he had been on any of the pornographic sites, but the address came to mind like it had only been yesterday. He typed it in and hit enter.

The next hour was a blur of vulgarity and obscenities. Not only had he fallen from his near-perfect perch, but also he had fallen all the way back to the vile bottom of the pit. Every perversion imaginable was available, and he made use of them all.

When finally he finished, he was trembling with shame.

How can I help Evelyn, when I cannot even help myself?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Scene 4

This scene really speaks for its self, so I will keep my mouth shut on this. Oh, I did just throw a name in there because I needed one and did not know what else to do.

Evelyn laid her head in her hands as she sat down at the table in the cafeteria. Love had been all around her for years. She had easy access to it. If she needed someone to love her, someone was always there for her. But today, everyone left her for a new girl in the school. She had higher grades then Evelyn. She had fairer skin then she did. She was skinner. How could Evelyn compete with this? She would never be the popular girl again. Love would never be the same. She would have to work for it.
She buried her face in her hands and let the tears flow. Her life had changed and it would not be the same. 
mages flashed through her head from the past years. She saw all of her best friends at the prom. Her becoming Homecoming Queen at this last prom.

“How did I end up the Homecoming Queen?” She asked her self as she sat up and brushed away the tears. “I was the most popular girl in the school. And Zach was the most popular guy and still is.” The tears started rolling down her cheeks again. “I will probably never see him again.” She cried. She put her head back onto the table and started sobbing. 

After Evelyn cried all the tears she could cry, she was gathering up her things when she herd her name being called. She spun around to find Zach coming towards her. She quickly turned and started walking the other direction. 

“Evelyn!” He called again. “Wait, I need to talk to you.” 

She pretended like she never heard his words and kept on walking. 

“Evelyn, please. I don’t want our friendship to end like this.” Right then and there, she stopped, dead in her tracks. ‘What did he say?’ As her heart melted to butter. He grabbed her arm and turned her so that she was facing him. 

“Have you been crying?” He asked with a tone in his voice as a father talking to his daughter. She tried to wipe the tears from her face and nodded. “What is the matter? Why have you been crying?” 
Evelyn shook her head, not trusting her voice not to give away what was wrong. 

Zach took Evelyn by the hand and sat her down at the table she had just been sitting at. “Talk to me Evelyn. What is going on?” He said as he looked deep into her eyes. 

Evelyn told him everything about losing her friends, about losing love, and everything else. At the end, he took her hand in his and continued to look at her. 

“Evelyn, no matter what new girl comes into the school, you will always be my friend. No matter what girl I be-friend, you will always be my love. I promise you that.” 
Evelyn did not know what to say. A new girl had come into the school and he still loved this plain old girl who he had loved for years. 

‘How could he do such a thing? He was all over the other girl. Why would he come back to me when he has been with the other girl?’ Evelyn thought to herself. ‘Does he really mean this? Will he really stay with me forever? Will this love last forever?’ She kept asking herself. She looked deep into his eyes searching for answers. 

She stood up pushing the questions from her mind. She closed her eyes trying to push everything away. She sighed. “I better get going back to class.” She gave him a small smile and left.

~ Written by Kiehl/CivilWarDancer