Saturday, April 09, 2011

I Will Never Abandon You

This is my first scene for Snapshots. A result of one of those flashes of inspiration you get while doing dishes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When had things come to this? He could remember a time when he had everything, when the world was his. He swallowed, forcing down the tiny speck of saliva left in his dry throat. It was gone, he had lost everything. Job, family, friends; all the security he had once known was gone. The title wave of life had washed them away, drowning his hope and his will do keep going.

What was left to live for anyway? No one would miss him. He was alone, wondering in a black void where no light could ever shine. Even God had abandoned him.

He looked up at the popcorn ceiling. Yes, God had abandoned him. Where was He when his marriage fell about? Where was He when his rights to see his children were stripped away? Where was He when his boss had called him into his office and let him go?

He shook his fist as if shaking it towards the heavens.

“You liar! You weren’t there! You said You always would be there but You weren’t! You liar!”

Tears welled up in his eyes as he spoke. He covered his face and wept.

“Oh God, where were You?”

My son.

He looked up. There was no one in the room beside himself.

My son.

Where was that voice coming from? He stood, suddenly sensing some hidden presence.

My son, I have not lied to you. I was there, but you did not seek me.

“You weren’t there! If you were there You would have stopped it!”

I gave you free will, free will comes with consequences.

“Like hell it does!”

Who are you to decide what I do?!

He was suddenly forced to His knees. Fear grabbed at his heart and he trembled before such a presence.

“They took everything,” he whispered. “Everything.”

He shivered. It was almost like someone had wrapped their arms around him. It felt so real, but he couldn’t see anyone.

I will never abandon you.

Overcome with his grief and the presence of divine love he wept.

“Oh God. It’s gone, everything. They’ve left me. God, help me.”

I will never abandon you.

Written by StoryGirl

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