Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello there and welcome to the Snapshot blogspot!

That has a lovely ring to it, doesn't it? Snapshot blogspot...hmm. :P

Anyway. This may or may not be a typical way a Rebelutionary does hard things but it's the way I'm doing it. :P

This story is one that I have thought of for a long while, but until recently, the complete idea of what I wanted, the will to write and the inspiration was not there.

It is the story of a young girl, who knew the right way to follow and went down the wrong path step by step. Starting with an abusive scene between her and her partner, it goes back in short photographic scenes to the changing points in her life which brought her where she is now. I intend to deal with self harm, pornography issues and abuse - mental and physical, hopefully. My goal is to reach the hearts of people...but what I do if/when I reach their hearts rests completely in the Hands of the Lord. Please pray for His guidance on this story, and that hearts that are broken may at least see the promise of a new dawn.

First section coming up soon! ;) I won't post the whole thing on here for fear of stealers, but you will get a few previews. ;) (That's WHY I made this blog! ;))

And some more exciting news. I'm going to ask a few of you to join me along the way! Sharing the idea with Laura/StoryGirl and Kiehl/Civil War Dancer, in a Skype chat created for the purpose, we decided to write it as a co-authored novel.
Laurale will be contributing here and there as she is a very busy girlie at the minute, but Kiehl is able to actively work on it.

The Skype chat topic read as such: A girls' chat - for now - for those with hearts and/or experience to write a multi-authored story about one of the "bad" topics. Self-harm, abuse, porn - suggestions. Idea - each one posts something every time they come on. A brief paragraph or so.

I wasn't sure how the idea would be taken by my male friends, and so withheld the idea from them. However I later shared it, tentatively, with my bittle brother Nick/Bookwyrmnick, my best friend Kyle/Jackson, my big brother Greg/PhoenixLance, my aeroplane brother Miguel/Blizzard of Fire and my oniisan Chris/formerly Kvothe.

The reactions for the most part were rather encouraging, ranging from complete disapproval(well, he did suggest some changes) to extremely encouraging. Therefore, I'm also opening the doors to boys as authors.

Part of my reasoning for that suggestion is that I am still uncertain which person format to work with. I started it off in third as an onlooker, and yet apparently managed to convey emotion in it. If it is written in much more powerfully will it come across? Opinions?

Also, I am wondering about point of view shifts. However, there are several guys involved in the life of our main character. If we have guy povs, that was part of my idea for getting the guys involved.

However, as I said. This book might be better being written by girls alone with guy input. I simply don't know. And for that, please, we really, really need your comments. Please, everyone.

So we present to you, ladies and gentlemen...



This is one of the hardest things I've ever attempted. I would welcome your encouragement to keep pushing me to carry on (and overcome my procrastination!). Your comments are more welcome from the bottom of my heart than I can ever say!

As we Rebelutionaries say: Do Hard Things! ;)