Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scene 2

Alright, here is the second scene that I have written. WARNING: When you read this please be sure that you have tissue handy. I started crying as I wrote it. :)  (Yes, I have more I want to add, but I will do that later. :P)

Evelyn sat on her bed with her brother’s knife in her hand. She sighed as she pulled the long knife from the sheath. She had let so many people down. She had too many broken hearts from boyfriends ditching her. Her family did not want her anymore. All they did was yell at her and get mad.

“What is the point of living if all you ever get is trampled on?” Evelyn asked herself out loud as she stared down at the blade.  “I am not useful to anyone. All of my friends hate me, my family hates me, and even my friends outside the country hate me. I am good for nothing and never will be.” She yelled as tears streamed down her face.

She put the knife back in the sheath, stuck it in her pants pocket and headed down stairs. “Mom,” Evelyn said as she entered the kitchen. “I am going to head outside for awhile.” And headed out the back door.

Once Evelyn was a good mile away from the house, she pulled out the knife and dropped the sheath on the ground. She looked around her to make sure no one was watching. All she could see was the forest around her. There was no one in sight.

She sank to her knees as reality grasped her. She was going to commit suicide. Why? There was nothing left for her. She was no longer loved. She had been used over and over again. Her friends had abandoned her in her time of need. Her parents hated her.

“There is nothing left for me!” She yelled. She seemed to wait for an answer, but there was none.  “I do not deserve to live.” She cried. Just as she cried out, the trees started to whistle, and the wind started to swirl. Evelyn looked up to see what was going on.  The clouds had started to gather and the sky was growing dark. A rain drop fell on Evelyn’s nose, making her look up towards the sky.

She held the knife right at her bellybutton ready to plunge it in at any moment.  Just as she was about ready to take her life, she heard someone whisper.

“Evelyn” It was saying. She stopped, brought the knife away from its target and looked around. To her surprise there was no one there. She brought the knife back up, shrugging away what she had heard. Slowly she pushed the knife into her stomach.

“Evelyn, my daughter, what are you doing?” She heard again.

“Father?” She asked as she stood up with tears in her eyes. She let the bloody knife drop to the ground. “Where are you? I can’t see you”

“No, you cannot. I will reveal myself when it is time.” He answered her. Evelyn felt a sincere peace come over her.  “My daughter,” He said again. “Why are you out here, ready to take your own life? Has God called you to die yet?”

“God has never cared for me.” She cried. “He will never love me. Never.”

“Oh my daughter, He does love you. He has loved you through all that you have done.”

“I am dirty with sin.” She yelled. “I have been on drugs, I have let guys use me for their sake, I have self injured myself. He does not want me.”

“He will wash away your sins so that you may be in His presence forever.” He said calming her. Just then, Evelyn realized that she was bleeding badly and that she was a little weak.

She cried even harder. “If He loves me why has He left me to fall underneath the will of men?”

The man sighed. “You have a free will my dear Evelyn. He let you chose the path you walk because He loves you enough to hurt you. Why does a parent punish a child?”

With her hand over her stomach trying to stop the bleed, Evelyn stood there confused at the man’s question. “ Because the parent is mad at the child.” She finally answered.

“No, my dear. They do it because they love the child. The parents know what is good and what is not good for the him and when the child does something that is not right, they punish him out of love.”

Evelyn nodded and then sighed. “I am a dirty rag though, He will never see pass those.”

“As soon as you confess your sins to God, He will no longer remember them. They are gone and you are washed as white as snow.”

At this, Evelyn’s head started spinning from all the loss of blood. “He is always with you. I will always be with you. I want you to come back to me.” He whispered and Evelyn collapsed on the forest floor.

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